Silence Breakers Alliance


Some have said that the first wave of the #MeToo movement was the outing of high-profile predators and companies that protected them. This made headlines and ignited a long-overdue and provocative conversation. It was - and is - hugely important to keep exposing misconduct. 

At the same time, It is our mission to help propel what could be the next wave of the #MeToo movement: broader dialogue and change regarding how men and women interact on the job.  This requires ongoing calls for specific changes in the workplace, which employers may be reluctant to implement. At Silence Breakers Alliance we believe it is not only possible to convince them to change the workplace for the better, we think — if we work together—  we can demonstrate that such improvements are ultimately beneficial to office morale and the corporate bottom line.

We can get there if we, the change-makers, link arms and work together. It will require persistence, collaboration and original ideas. Assertive, bold speech combined with a focus on the positive. Strength in numbers. 

Got ideas, energy and enthusiasm? Let’s join forces. Contact us.